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Gaza II and Israel Update 1/28/08

GAZA - ARTICLES (see more at
- Proportionality and Disproportionality: A Guide to Arguments about Gaza, Allan Gerson, Huffington Post:
- Liberate The Palestinians From Hamas, Bernard-Henri Levy, New Republic:
- Why the Israeli people have finally had enough, Ian O’Doherty, Independent (Ireland):
- Hamas has failed – it is time they stepped down, Sultan Al Qassemi, The National (Abu Dhabi):
- A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery, Steven Erlanger, NY Times:
- Israel’s Policy Is Perfectly ‘Proportionate’, Alan Dershowitz, Wall Street Journal:
- ‘Hamas torturing Fatah members in Gaza’, Khaled Abu Toameh, Jerusalem Post:
- Obama stresses commitment to stop Hamas arms smuggling, Eric Fingerhut, JTA:

GAZA - QUOTES (see more at
-- Khaled Mashal, the exiled leader of Hamas, in February 2006: "Before Israel dies, we must defeat and humiliate it. Before they die, god willing, they will daily absorb defeat and humiliation." (at 35 seconds in)

-- A Palestinian doctor at Gaza City's Shifa Hospital disputed the number of Palestinians that Hamas says have been killed in the campaign: "It's possible that the death toll in Gaza was 500 or 600 at the most, mainly youths aged 17 to 23 who were enlisted by Hamas - who sent them to their deaths . . . . Perhaps it is like Jenin in 2002. At the beginning they spoke about 1,500 dead, and at the end it turned out to be only 54 - of whom 45 were militants."

-- Muhammad Dahlan, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and of Fatah's Revolutionary Council: "With their rockets, [Hamas] gave Israel a pretext for the war. Hamas is one of the worst organizations in the region. People are afraid of the Islamists and no one in Gaza dares to express criticism . . . . Hamas shows no consideration for ordinary people -- its fighters fire rockets right from the heart of residential areas . . . .Their sole strategy is destruction and chaos.",1518,599459,00.html

-- Secretary of State Hilary Clinton: "We support Israel's right to self-defence. The (Palestinian) rocket barrages which are getting closer and closer to populated areas (in Israel) cannot go unanswered . . . . It is regrettable that the Hamas leadership apparently believes that it is in their interest to provoke the right of self-defence instead of building a better future for the people of Gaza."

-- Lama, a secretary for a Gaza company: "Rockets must end. What did we gain from them? Now Hamas is negotiating a truce. They were given an offer to renew it in December but they refused. Now after thousands of casualties, how does Hamas explain that?"

GAZA - VIDEOS (see more at
-- Former British Army Colonel Richard Kemp eloquently defends Israel’s actions in Gaza:
-- Amid Gaza violence, Israeli and Palestinian doctors work together to save a baby’s life:
-- Video regarding Hamas’s use of civilians as shields:
-- Inside a Gaza rocket lab:

GAZA - RESOURCES (see more at
-- Who is Hamas?: and
-- International Law: and
-- Hamas’s Human Shields: (civilian homes); (Red Cross and UN buildings); (ambulances); (hospitals);,7340,L-3651783,00.html (mosques, ambulances); (TV studio; for English, turn on CC captions); (civilians)
-- MY RESPONSE to a blog posting: the-stor-by-Noah-Liben-090104-507.html


-- In honor of MLK, Jr. Day last week, view this video:
-- And read this article, King’s special bond with Israel:

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